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The Worlds Most Expensive Computer Mouse

Computer Mouse
Are you a high-net-worth shopper searching for this one truly unique gift?
Look no further! There is an extraordinarily exclusive toy.

Let me introduce you to the world’s most expensive computer mouse, worth Rs 1,12,5000/- about $25,000 Dollars.

This mouse is called the Diamond Flower and is being produced by Pat Says.

Now you might be wondering why a simple concept as a computer mouse can be so expensive. Well, 59 brilliants are scattered all over the mouse’s surface. Also the main surface is made out of 18-K white gold. Out of the 59 stones I mentioned, one is about 4mm in diameter, practically doubling the others as you can see in the picture below:


After reading a few details on the producer’s website, I noticed that technically, the gadget is just a plain old computer mouse. has 3 buttons, a scrolling wheel, PS/2-USB connectivity PC or MAC.

Personally, even if I had have that much money to practically throw away, I would not spend them on this kind of a gadget. What about you?

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Monday, April 23, 2007 written by