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ALIPR Visual Image Search

If you have huge numbers of pictures and you wont have time to tag all those then ALIPR is there for you.

No problems now,ALIPR can tag your pictures with most accurate names. ALIPR can be used where loads of pictures are handled on regular basis, and people dont have time to tag them all, for example in a scientist and research works.

ALIPR stands for Automatic Linguistic Indexing of Pictures Real

In my thinking ALIPR is a developing technology.In coming future it can be integrated into search engines .Let's imagine you have a uploaded a pic of a animal to the web with tag say "123" and then also you will be able to search your images by typing the keyword "animal" in search engines.

ALIPR is an interesting technology can be very helpful in the coming future, similar to Alipr TinyEye is a site where you can search images by uploding pictures.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007 written by