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Boot And Run Linux From A Pen Drive

linux running on pendrive

Finally after much research i am able to run Linux on my system from my 1GB USB pen drive.

pendrive So these are the few benefits of running a Linux form a USB Pen drive:

  1. It enables you to run linux OS on any computer that can boot from a flash drive.

  2. It allows you to carry your files,offline mails,personal settings,favorites and more with you.

  3. Its like having an operating system which you can carry on your pocket.

Few simple steps involve in installing a linux on a pen drive :

Requrirements : 64Mb or larger pen drive, HP USB format tool, USBDSL.ZIP.

Steps Involved

  • Format your pen drive using Fat or Fat32 options from HP USB fornat tool.
  • Download the USBDSL.Zip, its a mini version of linux called dammn small linux.
  • Extract the contents of USBDSL.Zip into your flash drive.
  • Browse to your flash drive and click "Makeboot.exe".
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Reboot your computer and set your BIOS to boot from USB-HDD or USB-ZIP,also set the boot priority if necessary.


  • If your motherboard does not support USB boot feature you will not be able to boot linux from your pen drive,its time to upgrade your motherboard. >>
  • The process has been tested by me from a WInXp system with .NetFramework , .Net Framework is required to run makeboot.exe application.

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