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Share Your Files Online In Beautiful Box Widgets

Do you need a handy tool to carry your files online and access it from anywhere quickly without those heavy user interfaces and all? Then try out BOX WIDGETS from

Box Widget is a flash-powered file sharing widget from the free online hosting service

These are the few benefits of using BOX WIDGETS:

  • They provide you about 1GB of space absolutely free.
  • The interface is pretty smooth.
  • You can log-in and upload files straight from the widget itself.
  • The widget also has an embedded image viewer and a player for music files.
  • You can install it quickly in your blogs or website from a short piece of code.
  • These widgets can be customized according to your needs.

Here is a quick example of BOX WIDGET which i have embedded below using the following piece of code:

Try to see the pictures and listen to songs in the above widget,its so interesting.

Beside all this,you can also provide link to your Folder's page and can also provide a RSS feed of your folders to your readers.

For creating one such widget for your blog Click Here.

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