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Run Multiple Desktops Like Linux In Windows Xp


Are you the user of linux? If yes then you must be familiar with multiple desktops utility in Linux which comes very handy in switching quickly between multiple open desktops.

Now you can easily install this feature in Windows Xp using a small freeware utility called Dexpot which gives you all the benefits of Multiple desktop utility in your Windows Xp system.

You can divide your work environment using Deskpot.For example, you can have one desktop that has your "personal" stuff open like web surfing, chatting, personal email, etc. A second desktop might contain your work environment.

And with hotkeys, switching is just key-strokes away.You can easily switch between multiple open desktops using key combinations Alt+1,2,3.

There will be great increase in productivity of your works by using Deskpot.

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Monday, April 23, 2007 written by