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Use Giffy To Draw And Share Diagrams Online

giffy screenshot

Giffy is an online tool for creating professional looking diagrams.

It has whole lot of features as a diagramming tool.It can be very helpful at a times. Lets quickly look at the features of Giffy :

  • Gliffy is easy to use and its free.
  • It makes diagrams in your web browser using Macromedia Flash without downloading any additional software.
  • You can also link your published Giffy drawings to your blogs or websites.
  • It creates many types of diagrams such as Flowcharts, UI wireframes, Floor plans, Network diagrams, UML diagrams, or any other simple drawing or diagram.

In my opinion future of Giffy is very bright.Those days are coming when our whole world will be online.Its not hard to imagine that in coming years we will be having our whole operating system online and we can access it from anywhere in the world.Google is already working in this field.

Saturday, March 17, 2007 written by