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SPIDER-MAN 3 Releasing World Wide On 4th May

spiderman 3

Sony Pictures is releasing SpiderMan 3 world wide on 4th, May 2007 another SpiderMan series from Sony Pictures.The first premiere of Spider Man 3 took place this week in Tokyo, Japan and it looks like it like it was a huge success.

This is the third film in the Spider Man movies series and rumours are spread that there will be no more Spider Man films after it.

Spider Man 3 not only brings back many of my favourite characters such as, Spider Man and Mary Jane Watson, it also brings two new bad guys into the action. The new villains are "Sandman and Venom".

It is thought that Sony spent somewhere around $250 million dollars to create Spider Man 3. It looks like the company will get a good return on investment yet again. The previous two Spider Man movies have made over $1.6 billion dollars in box office receipts.
At the Tokyo premier of Spider Man 3, Toby Maguire, who plays Peter Parker aka Spider Man said, "I feel like this film is kind of a natural conclusion to a lot of stuff that's happened in the first two movies. It kind of feels like a natural trilogy."
Two more world premiers of Spider Man 3 are scheduled before the film goes on general release around the world.The next Spider Man 3 premier will take place in London on April 23 and the US premier will take place on April 30 at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

Without giving away any details about the film, critics are saying the Spider Man 3 has created wonderful depth to its characters, something unusual for action movies. Spider Man explores and darker side of himself and deals with some complex emotions.

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