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Technorati Vs Google Blog Search, Which is Better?

Robert Scoble recently raised an interesting question on his blog: Which blog search is the best of them all?

According to Scoble, Technorati seems to trump Google blog search because it includes information that Google Blog search does not, and offers more search results when you punch in a specific term.

Founder and CEO of Technorati, David Sifry has joined the discussion in the comments by offering several search examples (EMI Apple DRM, Kathy Sierra) which demonstrate that Technorati covers more blogs and pulls up more search results than Google Blog Search. Other users in the discussions have suggested that Technorati index is slow and ignores certain blogs even though they are updated regularly.

Dave Sifry is doing a commendable job by personally troubleshooting specific URLS that are not indexed in Technorati, so if your blog is not getting indexed properly.. you might want to head over to Scoble’s blog and give Dave some additional work. smile_regular Google’s Matt Cutts soon chimes in with his thoughts on the debate:

The great thing is that with a lot of engines competing, every engine is working hard and continues to get better. That’s better for every user… My personal advice would be to try several engines and see what you like. Every 2-3 months, try or sphere or t’rati or Google again, just to see which one works best for your search needs.

Technorati has Multiple Search Filters which are Useful whereas Google Blog Search has Alerts and The Ability to Designate Time. I’m actually glad Scoble brought up this topic because it is a catalyst for users to offer their feedback on what they would like to see from each blog search engine.

What do you think of Google Blog Search and Technorati? Do you favor either one over the other, and why?

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