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Windows Xp, Firefox And Gmail Handy Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Xp,Firefox and Gmail are the three most used tech products among pc users.

Here is the list of some selected handy keyboard shortcuts which will make your working faster.

The best and the easiest way to see how useful they are just try them out as you go along the list:

Winkey+E Opens "Windows Explorer"
WinKey +R Opens "Run Command"
WinKey +Pause/Break key Opens "System Properties"
WinKey +F Opens "Find Files"
WinKey +M Minimizes All Windows
Shift+WinKey +M Maximizes All Windows
WinKey +L Locks Computer (Keyboard)
Ctrl+Shift+Escape Opens "Task Manager"
Shift+Del Removes File Permanently
Alt+Enter Shows Files/Directory's Properties
Alt+PrntScrn/Sysrq Saves Snapshot To The Clipboard
Alt+Esc Activates Windows
Alt+D Selects Browser'S Location Bar
Ctrl+Enter Attaches Www. And .Com To Websites

Mouse Scroll Button Clicking On Link Opens In New Tab
Slash (/) Better Alternative To ‘Ctrl+F’
Apostrophe (’) Searches Only Among Page’S Hyperlinks.
Ctrl+L Takes You To Address Bar
Ctrl+K Takes You To Search Plugis Bar
Ctrl+Arrow Keys Scroll Through Search Plugins
Ctrl+ Tab Switches Through Tabs
Ctrl+ Shift+Tab Switches Tabs In Reverse Order
Ctrl + D Add Bookmarks
Ctrl+Left Mouse Button Opens Links In Foreground Tab
Ctrl+Shift+Mouse Button Open Links In Background Tab
Shift+Left Mouse Button Open Links In New Window

Shift+F3 Delete's Mail
C Compose A New Mail
R Reply To An Email.
A Reply To All Recipients Of An Email.
F Forward The Current Email.
Y Archives The Email
/ Move Cursor To Search Box.
X Selects Conversation.
S Star The Conversation
! Mark as Spam and Move To Spam View.

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