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Microsoft Launches Silverlight To Compete With Macromedia Flash

Microsoft Silverlight
Microsoft has just unveiled Silverlight, an application that  “allow users to enjoy and create rich, interactive applications on-line.”
Microsoft has released this product in two variations, a 1.0 beta version and a 1.1 alpha version.

These models are superficially similar, the main difference is that the alpha version will allow individuals to create applications via .NET technologies.

Persons who download this application will receive a small sampling of applications, though not many stand out. A movie player is included that will allow the viewing of movie trailers such as Fantastic Four 2 and Pathfinder.

Microsoft is clearly launching this application as a response to Flash media players, particularly Adobe Flash, its longevity is questioned due to the notion that it is not open source, an advantage shared by Adobe Flex. For now, Silverlight has potential, yet it has a while to go to achieve acclaim.

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