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Most Useful Firefox Add-ons In My PC


Firefox Extensions are small add-ons that add new functionality to Firefox, from a simple tool bar button to a completely new feature.

They allow you to customize Firefox to fit your own needs and preferences, while letting us keep Firefox itself light and lean.

In this post im telling about some of the best firefox extensions which i love using them.These extensions really makes my online browsing experience super fast and productive.

Here is the list of some of the best firefox extensions used by me.

Adblock Plus :  Ever been annoyed by all those ads and banners on the internet that often take longer to download than everything else on the page? Install Adblock Plus now and get rid of them.

Add Bookmark Here : Allows you to add bookmarks to any folder in the bookmarks menu like in Opera.

All-in-One Sidebar : It lets you quickly switch between sidebar panels, view dialog windows such as downloads, extensions, and more in the sidebar, or view source or websites in the sidebar.

Auto Copy : Select text and it's automatically copied to the clipboard. Like Linux or mIrc.

Clippings : Save frequently-entered text for pasting later.

ColorZilla : With ColorZilla you can get a color reading from any point in your browser, quickly adjust this color and paste it into another program. Bookmarks : This extension seamlessly integrates your browser with (, the leading social bookmarking service on the Web.

Download Statusbar : View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar - without the download window getting in the way of your web browsing.

Fasterfox : Fasterfox allows you to tweak many network and rendering settings such as simultaneous connections, pipelining, cache, DNS cache, and initial paint delay.

Firefox Extension Backup Extension : FEBE backs up your extensions, themes, and (optionally) your bookmarks, preferences, passwords, cookies and just about everything else Firefox offers (it can even backup/restore your entire profile).

Flashblock : Never be annoyed by a Flash animation again! Blocks Flash so it won't get in your way, flashblock creates placeholders on the webpage that allow you to click to download and then view the Flash content.

FlashGot : Download one link, selected links or all the links of a page together at the maximum speed with a single click, using the most popular, lightweight and reliable external download managers.

GUtil! : GUtil! adds 50 Google® Utilities in your Firefox Menu and Toolbar.
You can choose the services you want, or not.

Greasemonkey : Allows you to customize the way a web page displays using small bits of JavaScript.

Hyperwords : This is my favorite firefox extension and i love using it.
Makes every word on every page live, not just links. Select any text and choose a command: Search • References • Conversion • Translation • Shop • Blog • Tag • Email & more. Over 200 commands available in an editable menu, very easy to use and actively supported.

ImageBot : ImageBot allows lets you upload your images to a free image hosting service (ImageShack or Photobucket).

IE Tab : This is a great tool for web developers, since you can easily see how your web page displayed in IE with just one click and then switch back to Firefox.

MeasureIt : Draw out a ruler to get the pixel width and height of any elements on a web page.

Menu Editor : It customize application menus.Rearrange or remove menuitems from the main context menu (right-click menu) and main menubar (File Edit View etc.)

MinimizeToTray : Minimizes Mozilla windows into the system tray. Also includes a right clickable tray icon menu to further load only the windows you want visible.

New Tab Button on Tab Bar : Adds a new tab button to the tab bar for quickly opening a new tab.

Prefbar : It controls Firefox settings such as accepting cookies, Flash, Java and much more in an easy to use control button list.

QuickRestart : This simple extension adds a "Restart Firefox" item to the Tools menu. You can also use the Ctrl+Alt+R  keyboard shortcut, or the new toolbar button .

Sage : Sage is a lightweight RSS and Atom feed aggregator extension for Mozilla Firefox. It's got a lot of what you need and not much of what you don't.

Save Session : With Save Session, you can choose to save the current session and close Firefox for the next startup.

ScrapBook : ScrapBook is a Firefox extension, which helps you to save Web pages and easily manage collections.

StumbleUpon : StumbleUpon lets you "channelsurf" the best-reviewed sites on the web.

Web Developer : And lastly one of the best firefox addon for web developers. This addon adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools.

This is the list of currently installed addons in my lovely firefox. Please feel free to leave your favorite addons in the comments so that i can get to know about the flavours of others also.

The one downside of firefox is that it consumes too much system memory. So its better to use only those addons which you really need.

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