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Sony Launches YouTube Competitor eyeVio in Japan

Sony eyeVio

Sony has recently launched its Youtube Killer website in Japan called Sony eyeVio.
This new site allows users to upload video clips, watch those of other members and subscribe to channels featuring content from commercial providers as well as models, designers and writers.
EyeVio will divide videos into two distinct categories: private, which only friends can view; and public, available for anyone to see. For now Sony is keeping this video-sharing service free, and hopes to generate revenue through advertising and media tie-ups.

Videos can be up to 150MB and use any of several formats including MPEG4, MPEG2, MPEG, Windows Media Video, AVI, Quicktime.

Sony is not the only media company looking to break YouTube’s monopoly on video sharing. Fox and NBC announced last month that they were teaming up to form an online video portal that may launch this summer.
CEO Howard Stringer said that the launch was part of "Sony's quiet software revolution".
The company did not speak on launching the service commercially outside Japan, but eyeVio may launch internationally after Sony has seen what kind of reception it gets in Japan. Then, it might attempt to take on the might of Google's YouTube.

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