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Ted Notepad The Best Replacement For Windows Notepad

ted notepad

TED Notepad is a freeware editor for true plain-text. It looks like the original Windows Notepad, but provides many features and tools for quick, easy and advanced editing.

The product is small in size and could replace notepad for windows very well with interesting features.

Yes there are hundreds of alternatives, but this one is truly excellent!!!

Very light, very efficient, does the job of replacing notepad very efficiently, especially the "extended replace", and may other features too!

It has tons of features packed in a tiny executable, personally i replaced the default notepad on my system, altough the installer does a backup copy of the original.

Quite extensive set of features covers entire MS Notepad, Metapad or Win32Pad and includes:
  • Enhanced searching and replacing; second search;
  • Plenty of hotkeys and some extra clipboards;
  • Several kinds of word and phrase completion;
  • All unicode characters and bi-directional support;
  • Unicode, UTF-8, Unix and Mac file types;
  • Text auto-indentation;
  • Extensive text statistics;
  • Recent and Favourites menu;
  • and many, many other timesavers.
Variety of text tools covers most of the text-based functions including:
  • All types of case conversions;
  • Advanced text replacing and character translating;
  • Line indentation, unindentation, closing and tabifying;
  • Columns cutting and adding numbers;
  • Reversing of text, lines and words;
  • Full-scale line sorting;
  • Searching for line duplicates;
  • Word wrapping commiting and unwrapping;
  • File inclusion and exclusion;
  • and Filters Architecture for any user-defined plugins.

Quite a revolutionary things in a light weight text editor. smile_teeth

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May 16, 2007 at 7:16 PM

Personally I prefer Notepad++