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CSS Superdouche Can Reduce The Size And Complexity Of Your Css

CSS Superdouche can significantly reduce the size and complexity of your CSS by programmatically stripping unneeded content, stripping redundant calls, and intelligently grouping the remaining element names.


By this it significantly reduces the size of your CSS and your webpages loads a bit faster.

Here's how to use this tool :

1) Paste the URL of your CSS file in the input box.
2) Press submit, it generates your cleaned CSS.
3) Copy your new CSS to your site and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Here is the example of CSS, which is Superdouched.

You can see in the above text box, how effectively CSS Superdoouche has removed the whitespace & reduced the size of CSS code.

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Friday, June 22, 2007 written by