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In the last few years Firefox gained a massive support from surfers worldwide. This is mainly because Internet Explorer, still the biggest player on the market, has proved to be hopelessly insecure.

Besides offering more security than IE by default, what users appreciate is the fact that Firefox can be expanded with add-ons that offer a variety of functions not integrated in the browser upon install. This post will explore some useful security and network extensions that will add more security to your browsing experience.



This add-on takes disposable e-mail addresses to another level. Instead of creating a disposable e-mail address and get messages to an e-mail address you usually use, you get a address and check e-mail on that website, simply by visiting an URL. As you use different addresses, Spamavert creates a list of them that you can just click to visit.

It's very simple to use, you just right-click on a form and this add-on creates an address automatically for you, it opens a new window and that's where your e-mail arrives. It's ideal for all websites that require you to register.


ShowIP integrates into the Firefox status bar and it shows you the IP address of the current page which you can copy to the clipboard. You can also query custom services by IP (right mouse button) and hostname (left mouse button).



Greasemonkey is one of the most popular Firefox extensions. It allows you to customize how websites look and, more importantly, function. There's a myriad of scripts already available for download and if you're into javascript, you can also write your own. Naturally, there are Greasemonkey security and network related scripts that you can use, and you can download some of them at and by searching Google


The one script which is really helpful is Monkeyspaw: The Greasemonkey Security Professional's Automated Webthinger. Features include: IP Query, DNS Lookup, Server Info, Report, full logging of actions via Javascript Console "message" level alerts, and more.

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