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Cool Flash Games To Test Your Typing Speeds

How fast are you at typing? How long will you take to type out all the letters of the alphabet? This is what these cool flash games tests.

Here's is the list of few fun and addictive flash games to boost your typing speed.

QWERTY Wariors
Fun 2D shooter game, where in order to shoot the bad guy you have to type the word appearing underneath him.

Same story here, stay safe by typing right word for each shark.

FlowWords 2
Type words formed by eggs before they fall off the conveyor bolt

Axis of Evil
Action-packed typing game for die hard American patriots

Type words as they float through the river. More words you miss darker the river gets.

Type letters shown on the falling bubbles.

Maximum Typing
Punch, kick or knee flying cubes by typing right letters.
6 more typing games; Keyboard Triathlon, Spacebar Invaders, Save the Sailboat Race, Outerspace Fleet Commander, The Frogs are Off Their Diet! and Meteor Typing Blast.

Enjoy these cool flash games while testing your typing speeds.

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