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Sputtr Searches All Your Favourite Websites From One Place


Sputtr is a cool search engine that is built from a collection of all your favorite search engines and all the social bookmarking sites, that help you find things faster and only from search engines you want.
Sputtr's layout looks like a simple keyboard - and you use it kind of like a keyboard, too.
Just type in what you're looking for and then click on the icon that represents the search service you'd like to use, anything from Google to Reddit to MySpace and much more. Over 30 different search options are available for you to use.
Few good things about Sputtr :
  • It's simple - reeeaal simple.
  • It's fast - faster than most others out there.
  • It's a collection of all your favorite search engines - all on just one page!
  • It's pretty cool - at least i think so.
Very nice to eyes and i have set my homepage to Sputtr too.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007 written by