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A Swiss security firm called WabiSabiLabi has opened a web marketplace for zero-day security vulnerabilities.

The site will sell details on unpatched software flaws. The site is currently offering details on four bugs in products such as the Linux kernel and Yahoo Messenger. No bids have yet been registered, but asking prices for the research ranged between €500 and €2,000.

The company bills its marketplace as a way for security researchers to get a fair price for their findings and ensure that they will no longer be forced to give them away for free or sell them to cyber-criminals.

WabiSabiLabi is run by Herman Zampariolo, formerly CEO of Italian networking vendor iLight. It lists Roberto Preatoni, founder of the Zone-h cyber-defacement website, as its strategic director.

Like eBay, WabiSabiLabi offers sellers a variety of options. Research can be offered at a fixed price, sold at auction, or sold to a number of different buyers.

One flaw to this is marketplace is that company may be raided by the police and all the naughty people that bought the hacks will be exploited so in that respect this is targeting the companies who's software is online lol :D

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