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Pidgin A Simple Universal Messenger


Almost all instant messaging clients have one big problem, they are each an individual client, unable to communicate with one another.

For example if you're an Gtalk user, you won't be able to communicate with Yahoo members, and vice versa.

Pidgin solves the problem neatly. It's a simple universal messenger that lets you communicate with multiple IM networks from a single client.

Pidgin can work with:

1. AIM 6. ICQ 11. SIMPLE
2. Bonjour 7. IRC 12. Sametime
3. Gadu-Gadu 8. MSN 13. XMPP
4. Google Talk 9. QQ 14. Yahoo
5. Groupwise 10. SILC 15. Zephyr

Beside this you can also get access to plenty of free plug-ins, including ones that can store a history of your IM's, store notes about buddies, and other handy functions.

You may have heard of this program under a different name, until recently it was called GAIM.

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