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Websites Where You Can Find Interesting Orkut Hacks

orkut hacks

I have compiled the list of my favorite websites for getting orkut hacks.Hope it might help you in getting a orkut hacks for your needs ;)

As the name conveys, this blog covers every thing from orkut world and keeps you updated towards orkut trends.

One of my favorite websites for getting orkut hacks.They provide you with the best compilation of Orkut Hacks, Tips-Tricks and Cheat Scripts.

Another very kool orkuttish looking website for orkut hacks.I think this the first website among all to provide awesome orkut hacks.

This Is Orkut (T.I.O)
was created to provide more info and help tracks to Orkut users for their convenience. The website looks quite kewl and it looks next gen website for orkut hacks.. :D

This is mainly for orkut related software's developed by little genius called Meetul. They provide with many software's which can do few cool things which will be very time consuming otherwise.

Great blog for orkut related hacks run by Rahul Bansal. I like the cloud tag feature of this blog.

Orkut Underworld
Another cool blog for orkut hacks but most of the hacks are pure copy from the blog listed above but they post some new ones also.. So it worth getting mention here ;)

Digital Me
Last but not the least Orkut Hacks by Vijay Bhaskar. His software called Flood Machine Tutorial really rocks.

Well there are many other websites out there which provides orkut hacks but those are pure copy from these websites, so it worth not mentioning. These websites takes your orkutting experience to next level,Happy Orkutting ;)

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August 12, 2007 at 11:55 AM

There is a correction above, as per the WHOIS records, the first website among these was "Orkuting.Com", now "", not the Orkutrix.

Nik Saluja

September 5, 2007 at 1:48 PM

hey Buddy wheres my site line check

solutionworld Hacking zone you will find all the tricks listed in all the above mentioned site at one place plus 100's of more plus we have online helpdesk where u can ask for ur probs and tuto for different hacks..

Nikhil Saluja
Owner Nik Trix



October 16, 2007 at 8:36 PM

Nice webistes dude..
Its good list to find interesting orkut hacks... keep rocking dude..


March 4, 2009 at 2:53 PM

check the following website too