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Deleting Windows Xp Administrator Password

xp password

This is a small utility for deleting or setting windows xp administrator passwords if you forget it and won't able to login to your main administrator account.

Well bad guys out there don't think that you can break passwords in your college computers using this because most of the computers in colleges have guest user account which prohibits you from running an .exe file.

Anyways if you are lucky and have access to any user account with administrator previlage you can easily break the main administrator password using this password cracker.

Well for me the great part in this utility is that, say i  went to my friends house, just for a minute he goes out i will connect my pen drive to his computer & run this utility and change his system password.. lol just for fun ;)

Download Link :

Download Xp Password Manager

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December 16, 2007 at 9:04 PM

bro can u pls give me that software my id is