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Login To Two Google Accounts Simultaneously In Firefox

login to two google accounts

This is a simple way to login into two google accounts(or any other online services) simultaneously by using a Firefox addon called IE tab which switches the rendering engine of any Firefox tabs to Internet explorer.

Here are the steps to login into two google accounts simultaneously:

1. Install the IE tab Firefox extension and restart firefox.
2. Open your first google account in a new tab.
3. Open another tab and left click on tab and select the option called switch rendering engine.

IE tab 

4. Now open your another google account in this tab.
5. Great you have just opened two google accounts in Firefox.

Well there are many other ways of doing the same like using proxy and all but this one is the easiest and safe.

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July 7, 2009 at 3:04 PM

Simple and easy, great!
Thanks for sharing :)