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Hacking Windows Vista Base Performance Score

hacking windows vista base performance score

Hacking windows vista's so called base performance score is very easy. Anyone can easily hack and play with vista base performance score and showoff to their friends about their super machine.

Don't believe have a look at this base score above taken on a Pentium 4 PC with very low hardware configuration.

Here are the steps to modify it:

1. Navigate to C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore
2. You should see a .xml file with date&time as filename
3. Right-click it and select 'open with>' 'Wordpad' (Not notepad!)
4. On line 12, you should see something like the following:

< -SystemScore ->8.8< /SystemScore >
< -MemoryScore ->8.8< /MemoryScore >
< -CpuScore ->8.8< /CpuScore >
< -CPUSubAggScore ->8.8< /CPUSubAggScore >
< -VideoEncodeScore ->8.8< /VideoEncodeScore >
< -GraphicsScore ->8.9< /GraphicsScore >
< -GamingScore ->8.8< /GamingScore >
< -DiskScore ->8.8< /DiskScore >

5. The score I stated 8.8 above is modified rating score.
6. Now modify any score you want according to it's section.
7. Save it, take a screenshot and show off to your friends.

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