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Make Text More Readable In Dreamweaver Code View

If you are using a high resolution LCD screen in your web development you will definitely find it hard to read the text while working in Dreamweaver code view.

dreamweaver code view

The font is not rendered correctly and there is no option to make font bold in Dreamweaver code view. Yes you can increase font size and change the font but it does not improve the code readability.

So here's how to improve the readability of code view in dreamweaver

  • First of all make a copy of the courier new font from the windows fonts folder.
  • Open that font in any font editing program like High-Logic - Font Editor and make the font bold and change all name fields of the font to some other name, in my case I named it cd.
  • Place this newly created font in your windows fonts folder.
  • Now just change the font to cd from dreamweaver menu >> edit >> preferences >> fonts >> code view >> to cd font.

You can also use this font in notepad++ and the readability of this font is just awesome.

If you don't want to go through all this manual labour you can just download the courier new font modded by me from here.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009 written by