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Don’t Upload Your Files to Google Page Creator

A word of caution to those people who have Google pages account and feeling lucky that they have got 100mb web space with unlimited bandwidth.

google page creator error 404

This is not true anymore. After the Google had stopped new signups for Google page creator most of the files mainly .js and .css files started showing up 404 errors.

Please take a backup of it and save it in some another location.

I myself hosted few scripts and images related to my blog to the page creator but my web page load time get really slow these days and some times the pages don't even load.

Now I have moved all images from page creator to the Google Picasa account and embedded the styles sheets (.css files) in the head section of my web page. Now the pages of my blog are loading much faster than before.

Please share your experiences about this problem with Google pages.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009 written by