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Easily Embedd any Number Of RSS Feeds in Websites Using The New Google Ajax Feed API

Create dynamic rss feed using Google Ajax feed API which you can easily embed in your blogs and websites.

dynamic feed control

Using this Ajax API you just have to type in the keywords and feeds will be created automatically.For example in my case i just typed in techcruser and it detected my blog feeds and created the ajax base rss news ticker which i can easily embed in my web pages.


You can choose from horizontal, vertical and vertical stacked. Above is the vertical stacked ajax rss widget created using Google ajax api.

Just go to this page, type in your keywords(type as many you want spearated by comma) and your ajax api code is ready for you, the best part is that there is no Google branding in it as you can see in the widget above. ;)

With little use of CSS you can also customize its look and style, using firebug.

The minus point is that it makes the pages a bit slow in loading ..

Thursday, April 23, 2009 written by