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3 Awesome Desktop Searching Tools You Must Have

These are my favorite desktop searching tools, light on system resources and very effective results.

1. Everything:

Just installed this and forget everything. It indexes each and every files of your system on the fly. Even the file created seconds before get indexed too. Also provide search suggestions as you type.

2. Locate32:

A bit advanced than Everything. You can filter files based on extensions, size and type very quickly. It needs to be manually indexed after a day or two. But the results are very precise.

3. Google Hacks:

Search music,books,videos, fonts, and many more things in Google right away from your desktop.


I never use traditional searching tools like Google desktop search or windows desktop search. They are such a resource hogger.

Download Links:

Everything, Locate32, Google Hacks

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December 25, 2010 at 1:25 PM

Great sounds good...Will definitely download the software's...

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