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5 Reasons why Blogger is Better than Wordpress

blogger is better than wordpress

There is a lot debate going around the web that which one is better, blogger or wordpress. Here's my top five reasons why i think blogger is better than wordpress :

1. Totally Free
This is the single most compelling reason, you can host your blog forever and ever without paying a single buck to the web host. If you are worried about your images, you can host them on google picasa, there is no bandwidth limit on them. Yes there is space limit of 1GB but once you get to that limit you always have the option of creating another picasa account, simple ;)

2. Easy to customize
Its very easy to use and customize. Even people with little knowledge of html can tweak blogger template to certain extent. You don't have to go through php or mysql lessons for customizing it. And even better if you are expert in markup languages you can just convert any web template to blogger template very easily. There is lots of help resources on blogger help.

3. Protects you from SEOphobia
Some tech expert out there says that wordpress is better search engine optimized than blogger, i don't believe that. They say so on the basis that wordpress allows the use of meta tags in each post. But remember google crawlers looks into your whole content not just meta tags, recently i heard that google crawlers totally ignores meta tags like keywords and description because of lots of black hat SEO practices going around the web.

As long as your content is unique,original and contains proper keywords you will get better SEO than others. And don't get stuck into wordpress SEOphobia. SEOphobia according to me is condition where the blogger forgets about the content and just put their total concentration to SEO while writing a post, the result is poor content quality.

4. Easy Interface
The web interface of blogger dashboard is way much better than wordpress, I don't know about others but for me its interface is easy on eyes and mouse than dull and boring looking interface of the wordpress.

5. The Google Love
I Love google and believe that one day blogger will give a tough competition to wordpress users. Google is always trying to improve their products and services and I'm sure it will fulfill all the dreams of their beloved bloggers too. By that time wordpress users might think of moving to blogger again ;)

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6 Responses to "5 Reasons why Blogger is Better than Wordpress"


June 18, 2009 at 5:49 AM

This echoes many of my own thoughts. I've tried Wordpress a few times, and they do have some very attractive templates, but the differences between the two are minuscule, as best I can tell. The major difference is that the free version of Blogger is infinitely more customizable, which is a big plus if you're operating on a small budget, which most bloggers-- and many people who just want a website-- are.


June 21, 2009 at 10:19 PM

Now Wordpress is little 'better' than Blogger. Wordpress users says that Blogger's main problems are UNFAVORABLE COMMENT BOX, UNAVAILABILITY OF PLUGIN FEATURES and COOL TEMPLATES etc! But as you said, Blogger is from Google family, anything kind of superb improvements could happen in future. We can hope that it will overtake Wordpress soon!

Great Post! :)

Amal Roy

June 23, 2009 at 6:30 AM

I too still love blogger.

Amal Roy

June 24, 2009 at 6:05 AM

Friend Could you share your blogger template with me. I promise you i wont share it with any body else. I really liked it.


June 12, 2011 at 12:04 AM

i don`t beleive that blogger would be the best to choose. do you know why....
ok let me tell you my horrible story with it.
i have registerd with adsense and joined blogger plateforme. i started witing new articles in french language. and each time i write a new article it get indexed wthing few seconds.

this senario was happenning for a while approximately 7 days or less. and now i reach 462 new fresh artciles in that blog.

with adsense i was making 4,5, and sometimes 6 dollars with that unique blog.

today i woke up in the morning and wrote four new artciles to publish them on my blog. i did that and i checked to verify if they were indexed but no result my 4 articles are not there whyyyyyy

i didn`t get any specific solution or answer for that problem.

i am waiting my blog before was visited by 300 unique visitor from google but today NO ONE HAS VISTED MY BLOG strange.....

i checked my adsense earnings and no clicks from that blog it WAS DEAD for NO SPECIFIC REASON...