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Create a Matrix Style Movie Poster in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create your personalize matrix like movie poster in Photoshop. You can create movie poster based on any theme once you get acquainted with this one.

Final Result

Here I'm using my image as the main subject ;-)

ankit agrawal matrix poster


You can download the source files of this tutorial (PSD and other images used).

Steps Involved:

1. Open your main subject image in photoshop and extract out the background from it using quick selection tool in photoshop cs3 and fill in the background with white color.

ankit agrawal

ankit agrawal extracted

2. Now add a new threshold adjustment layer to the above image with following values shown in the image below.

ankit agrawal threshold

3. Now add sun rays layer above it and set its layer mode to linear burn, you will get a nice blended effect of sun rays over the image.

ankit agrawal sun rays

4. Now to add little bit of grunge effect, add the grunge image and set its layer opacity to about 44 percent.

ankit agrawal grunge effect

5. Now arrange all other characters using the similar linear burn blending mode and adjust their position according to your preferences. Also set layer opacity of each characters around 40 to 50 percent only.

ankit agrawal characters

6. Last step is to add the matrix style text, use any image in which matrix text is written, add a layer mask to it and using a soft brush with black as foreground color hide out all the areas except matrix text.

ankit agrawal last step

Final Words

Use your creativity to come up with more unique looking movie posters, if you have any trouble following this tutorial please ask in the comments.

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