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Best Alternative to QuickTime player for Windows Users

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Apple QuickTime player is terribly slow on windows platform specially for the playback of .mov files and I think most of the people who have played back .mov files in windows QuickTime player must have experienced this.

Why no to QuickTime player for windows:

1. Takes time in startup.
2. Lots of bugs.
3. Loads host of other bloat ware along with it like apple software update.
4. Not fully functional media player, limited features , you have to buy pro version to get more features.

Why yes to KM Player:

1. Starts much faster the QuickTime player.
2. Freeware and fully functional.
3. Plays virtually any type of video file formats.
4. Installation file size is just 11mb as compared to 22mb of QuickTime player.

There are other alternatives like QuickTime Alternative but it wont plays QuickTime files encoded in various bit rates and codec's.

I have tested QuickTime Alternative on various .mov files and in most cases QuickTime Alternative fails to play most of the QuickTime files.

The only downside of KM player is that if you need to encode .mov files you need to have Apple QuickTime player installed on your system, for average users who don't do encoding or video production KM player works great.

You can also read the positive user reviews of KM Player at  CNET Downloads.

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