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Safeguard your DSL router against hacking


This is the common hacking technique in which the malicious user can change your broadband DSL routers username and password.

This occurs when someone get your current IP address (static or dynamic) and then enter it in a web browsers url location to log in to dsl router configuration page with default credentials.

You must be wondering how anyone can get your dynamic IP address however websites can log your IP address if they have script in it. Have a look to the screenshot below:

statcounter ip check

Its showing that the user having IP address of visited your website using Bharti Broadband service.

Now if you enter this IP address in your browser window you will land to your DSL router configuration page. It asks for username and password to log in. Now most of the users won't change their default password of DSL router.

Every broadband company sets their default username and password differently. However it is not difficult to find out what's the default. For example in our case we are analyzing the Bharti Broadband and you can quickly search in google for Airtel broadband default username and password.

Now we know that default username is : admin and password is : password we can enter it into the DSL router configuration page and log in to the DSL router and there we can change passwords and change all other settings.

To safeguard your DSL router against hacking always change your DSL router default password. To change this just enter in your browser and login with your default credentials and change it.

Airtel Default Credentials: Username: admin , Password: password

BSNL Default Credentials: Username: admin , Password: admin

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