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Best online Resources for Web Developers and Designers


This is the list of best websites and forums for web developers and designers.


1. W3schools: Completely free web development tutorials on html, xml, css, JavaScript, SQL and more.

2. W3C: The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards.

3. SmashingMagazine: Smashing Magazine delivers the latest trends and techniques in Web development.

4. NetTuts: A site aimed at web developers and designers offering articles on technologies, skills and techniques to improve how you design and build websites.

5. CssTricks: Tips and tricks for using CSS effectively.


1. DigitalPoint: Discussion related to search engines, including optimization, marketing, tools and other technical aspects.

2. SitePoint: Discussion forum for a vast variety of web design and development related topics.

3. Webmaster Talk: Discussion forum covering many topics such as web design, development, search engine optimization, and linking building practices.

4. Designers Talk: A forum for designers to discuss ideas and get feedback on graphic and web design.

5. Web Design Forums: Helpful community ready and willing to answer nearly any question on web development and design.

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