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Why Blogger is Better than WordPress for Me

This post due to the problems I’m facing with Indian Web Host Providers. Indian Web Hosting Services are not up to date and if you don't have a credit card like me to buy some abroad host then stick to Blogger.

Here are the few reasons:

1. Blogger can handle heavy traffics easily because its servers are managed by Google whereas Indian Servers in case of heavy traffics loads page extremely slow that visitor don't want to visit your site again.

2. Database Error and Error 404 are still famous lines among Indian Servers.

3. Your Database is not safe and can be lost any time due to wrong updates by server administrators.

4. Due to server and database errors you wont get Google Love. Your pages will take many days or month to get indexed or they never be indexed whereas in my Blogger Blog the pages get indexed in Google within 5 minutes.

Due to all these reasons i reverted back to Blogger from WordPress because I’m an Indian and I don’t have a credit card to buy some good U.S based Web Host. :D Funny Huh!!!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010 written by

2 Responses to "Why Blogger is Better than WordPress for Me"

Meena Bassem

November 12, 2010 at 12:21 AM

i have other reasons.for example, i hate the editor in wordpress, and i like to make some changes in html of the template(don't know if it's in wordpress, and i use Gmail usually so i won't have to log in to another account.
and i like google generally
here are some nice blogs i've made with blogger


April 21, 2011 at 9:41 AM

In most beginners, they start with Blogger in some reason of user friendly, more popular and easy to understand too. I think WordPress also easy to manipulate i folks who have knowledge in blogging matters. WordPress i mostly used in domain and hosting. eCommerce Los Angeles share stuffs about web and blogging matters. Glad to share information.