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Why Windows 7 always ask you to Format your External Drive

windows 7 scan fix error

This is something very strange with windows vista and 7, whenever you plugin in any external drives like usb hdd or pendrive a message window pop's up asking you to format your drive.

Whatever type of drive it is , windows want to first format it and then use it .

This kind of problem hardly ever comes in Windows XP, since switching to Windows 7 this problem comes up every now and then.

Here are some possible solutions to this problem :

1. Check that you are connecting your drive directly to  USB port and not via any third party USB extender cables.

2. Always use safety remove icon on the taskbar to unplug to disk drives.

3. If your disk drive is using FAT32, switch it to NTFS.

If nothing works, I hope Microsoft will soon come up with a solution to this problem in Windows 7 automatic updates.

Saturday, August 27, 2011 written by