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How to Remove Exif Metadata from Photos

removing exif metadata

Whenever you take any pictures from digital devices, the information about the device from which the pictures are taken, thumbnails and many other information automatically get stored in the images itself in the form of EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) metdata.

This information can be read by image viewers and thus possess a threat if you are uploading these images online and sharing them with others. For example see the image above, I have taken it with my iPad 2, metadata read by faststone image viewer.

You can remove exif metadata using Adobe Bridge or Photoshop, but if you don't have these costly tools you can a use free tool called JPEG & PNG Stripper to easily remove all exif metadata from your photos before uploading them online.

exif metadata remover

Drag and drop the images from which you want to remove exif metadata in JPEG & PNG Stripper, all metadata will be removed and files will be saved to their original location automatically.

JPEG & PNG stripper only removes metadata and reduces file size, it does not affect the quality of images.

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